Archives: Film of VP-6F

These are M-JPEG files; if you need a plug-in for your browser, try this one: The videos will play slowly as they download. Afterwards, they will replay at correct speed. Marc Commandeur has asked for me to set up FTP for these, so you can download them faster. (I haven't forgotten, Marc - just a little slow!)

This is a 9-minute silent film. I can make NTSC and PAL copies from a digital master; e-mail me if you're interested.
Date Description Sequence Length
1937-Jan-27 Last-minute maintenance and a wash. 1 of 7 2:19 31,619,076
Fueling up. 2 of 7 0:49 11,198,468
6-P-5 makes a test flight. 3 of 7 1:40 22,855,684
6-P-3 makes a test flight and 6-P-5 lands. 6-P-5 is "flown onto the water", is beached and re-fueled. Note the sailor in the waist hatch retrieving the sea anchor, used to help steer the plane when it's on the water. The tires in the beaching gear are partially filled with water so that they're not too buoyant to be locked down into place. If a man got careless, it was quite possible to get a foot caught in the beaching gear, resulting in a severe leg injury. 4 of 7 2:39 36,134,916
The pilots, mechanics and radiomen who comprise the flights crews of VP-6. 5 of 7 0:28 6,350,852
Lt.Cmdr McDade and Lt. Stephens check weather conditions. 6 of 7 1:30 20,543,492
Start the engines. 7 of 7 0:53 11,808,772