Title Star Studio Scene(s)
Home Videos of PBYs      
Always Richard Dreyfuss
John Goodman
Holly Hunter
Black Cat, PBY      
The PBY Story
Eddie Albert CAV Productions
Found at Fusion International
Devil at 4 O'Clock, The Spencer Tracy
Frank Sinatra
  ~ 0h00m: Crew, priest, and three convicts are approaching a volcanic island in a PBY
~ 0h25m: PBY (N5590V), now moored, is visible through the door of the barber shop
~ 1h29m: Take-off; internal and external flying scenes
~ 1h38m: Overlooking PBY from Military Governor's Office
~ 1h41m: PBY moored
Flying Leathernecks (?) John Wayne    
Guns of Navarone (?) Gregory Peck
Anthony Quinn
David Niven
Kiss Them For Me Cary Grant
Jayne Mansfield
Ray Walston
Last African Flying Boat, The Alexander Frater ABC World of Discovery / BBC-TV
Found at ABC Video
Math (something)      
Midway most of Hollywood    
National Geographic special      
So Proudly We Hail Claudette Colbert
Lana Turner
South Pacific Ray Walston    
Steelyard Blues Donald Sutherland
Peter Boyle
Jane Fonda
Target: Pearl Harbor      
Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo      
Thunder Bay Jimmy Stewart (?)    
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