PBY books  

ISBN 0-89747-149-0
Capt. W.E.Scarborough (Ret)
1983, Squadron/Signal Publications
50 pages, large-format paperback


It seems no matter which museum or archive I visit for PBY research, I find some trace of Capt. Scarborough there! He is one of the top authorities on PBYs, with years of wartime experience flying them, and has authored quite a few articles on this special plane.

This book is a great reference (covering all the variants of the PBY/Catalina); it's in the bibliography of many of the other PBY books. It's packed with photos ranging from slick glossies to grainy shots taken by the men "who were there". I only wish it was 3 times longer! Fortunately, he followed it with Walk Around PBY Catalina and there's rumor of a possible third book.